5 Stylish & Handy Worktop Inserts

Having Granite or quartz worktops enables some nifty options that are both discreet and practical to make living & working in the kitchen that bit easier:

Worktop Wireless Phone Charger Insert

countertop phone charger insert



Integratde into the work surface for a flush fit, discreet and convenient wireless charging solution.

Simply sit any Qi enabled mobile device on top of the charger. If your device does not have Qi built in an additional interface is required.


 Worktop Pop up Socket

worktop pop up socket

This great pop up socket inserts discreetly into the worktop with matching cover. At the press of a small sensor inconspicuously situated under the worktop overhang the motorised socket raises for use. It then inserts back in place when not in use


Worktop Extraction

countertop integrated extractor



Air Uno has launched innovative countertop extraction hoods integrated with induction hobs

Integrating the hob and extractor into one fluid and subtle worktop design, both models draw vapours and odours downwards.


Integrated Food Prep Disposal

countertop integrated food disposal

No more running around the kitchen during the busy food prepping tasks at home. This worktop waste bin would be ideal for anyone looking for a solution to household waste, without having to display an obvious bin in the kitchen



  Worktop Integrated Television

countertop integrated tv