Quartz, Slate & Granite Care

 5 Helpful Hacks for Slate, Quartz & Granite Care

Granite Care

When you’ve pushed the boat out to get those lovely new granite or quartz worktops you’ve longed for it’s really important that you are able to keep them in pristine condition for many years. If you’ve not had solid worktops before you may be wary of how to care for your granite or quartz, worry no more. The following handy quartz & granite care tips will hopefully be of use

Felt Tip Stains on Worktops

For any stubborn marks on slate,granite and quartz, gel hand sanitiser works great. Just put a small amount on the problem area, leave for 5-10 minutes then clean off using a bit of elbow grease. If it doesn’t work first time just repeat a couple of times and it should come off. Works particularly well on pens and felt tips.

 slate quartz and granite care

Grease Marks on Worktops

Slightly abrasive bathroom cleaner such as ‘Cif‘ is a great product to remove stubborn marks from quartz worktops. It is the best product to remove build up of grease that can often occur in the kitchen

quartz cleaner


For any slate hearths or worktops that look tired and worn down, a coat of oil, will bring it up and refresh the face making scratches and marks less noticeable. If you don’t have any slate oil but have a bottle of the super multi functional WD40 that will do just as well

Oil On Slate

Polished Granite Worktops

To keep your polished granite in pristine condition, nothing more than hot soapy water and a quality furniture polish. As with any other surface, any spills should be wiped up immediately. If any substance has marked the stone, keep dousing the area with hot soapy water and over time the stain should disperse. Once a week, spray the worktop with furniture polish and rub well with a microfiber cloth. If your granite is holding water it would benefit from an application of a quality sealant. You could do this yourself or get a professional to apply for you. For more details call Stoneworkz on 01745 797 007.

granite care

Worktop Saver

To prevent causing any damage to your granite or quartz have a chopping board made from the same material. Keep it close to your hob and oven and place any hot pans directly onto the chopping board. You can purchase stick on trivets to protect your chopping board. Even better, a trivet on a granite or quartz serving tray is a great way to serve hot food in its cooking dish straight to the dining table.

granite worktop saver