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Stoneworkz are looking for a new team member, could it be you?


We are currently in the process of introducing new product ranges and developing the business in an exciting new direction. We are looking to add a new key member to our team and would love to hear from you if you feel you could fill the requirements below:

contact Stoneworkz

We are looking for a part time showroom assistant, 2/3 days a week between 16 – 24 hours. Wage negotiable dependant on experience


The role involves:

  • Customer Service
  • Quoting
  • Admin
  • Schedule & Diary Planning

Our showroom mission is to welcome, inspire & support and we would love have a chat with anyone who can identify with this. A friendly, can do attitude is essential. Initial in house training will be provided, with the potential of future workshops & development courses

Please call Julie 01745 797 007 or call into our showroom for a look round and an informal chat. Alternatively email C.V or application enquiry to



KBB 2018

Kitchen, Bedrooms and Bathrooms Trade Exhibition


Had a brilliant, inspiring day at the KBB show held at NEC in Birmingham. We got there with no detours or hitches so the day was off to a good start 😊. We arrived nice and early,  it wasn’t too busy in fact whilst we were looking for the correct halls it was so quiet I started worrying that we’d come on the wrong day. Not unheard of for me!

Anyway we eventually found where we needed to be and although it wasn’t yet heaving with people,you could feel the hum of positivity and optimism in the hall. Ooh I love a good old exhibition. I wanted to stop and talk to everyone but Mr Sensible gently but firmly pushed me along to the relevant stands! Although anywhere offering freebies he was drawn in relevant or not! Mr decided that the best plan of action would to methodically follow the rows up and down so we didn’t miss anything. I argued that we should identify the locations of our must see stands first before we then take his approach but he wasn’t having any of it. So off we went along his chosen path.

I’ll start with the boring stuff first, we sourced a new innovative silicon. I do have to say at this point that although this is not something that floats my boat after the demonstration even I felt a little excited. Also the free bottles of wine went a little way to convince me that yes we should take some there and then! Now Mr was very happy with his haul of superglue and freebies I could distract him from his planned route and me being me just went wherever my eyes took me.


Criss crossing all over the place I came across some lovely products but unfortunately did also miss some of my targeted stands! I ensured I got to see many of our brilliant current suppliers who where so very accommodating. I consider it a really important part of my job to keep up to date with new and up and coming products to share and advice my customers with and it was great to talk to them about new products.

I am really excited to provide a sneak preview of the new products our current suppliers have introduced as well as new brand new products we will be introducing to our range over the coming weeks


New products coming to the website and showroom soon!

I can’t finish off without showing you this beautiful Smeg Fridge, who wouldn’t want to keep their Champagne on ice in this gorgeous piece of art


At 5:00pm with aching feet, laden with bags of goody bags and purchases it was time to head off home. The day just wasn’t long enough and we only managed to get approx two thirds of the way round. So all in the name of doing my job I have decided an over night stay is called for on my next visit.

Oh and just as a footnote: Mr, who initially pulled his face at the thought of being dragged round this show has just informed me has identified a building and renovation show coming under in a week or 2 and should he book us tickets!

Speak soon,

Julie Williams x


5 Stylish & Handy Worktop Inserts

Having Granite or quartz worktops enables some nifty options that are both discreet and practical to make living & working in the kitchen that bit easier:

Worktop Wireless Phone Charger Insert

countertop phone charger insert



Integratde into the work surface for a flush fit, discreet and convenient wireless charging solution.

Simply sit any Qi enabled mobile device on top of the charger. If your device does not have Qi built in an additional interface is required.


 Worktop Pop up Socket

worktop pop up socket

This great pop up socket inserts discreetly into the worktop with matching cover. At the press of a small sensor inconspicuously situated under the worktop overhang the motorised socket raises for use. It then inserts back in place when not in use


Worktop Extraction

countertop integrated extractor



Air Uno has launched innovative countertop extraction hoods integrated with induction hobs

Integrating the hob and extractor into one fluid and subtle worktop design, both models draw vapours and odours downwards.


Integrated Food Prep Disposal

countertop integrated food disposal

No more running around the kitchen during the busy food prepping tasks at home. This worktop waste bin would be ideal for anyone looking for a solution to household waste, without having to display an obvious bin in the kitchen



  Worktop Integrated Television

countertop integrated tv

Boiling Water Tap or Kettle, Which Should I Choose?

My husband and I have differing views when making home improvement plans & decisions. Our most recent discussion was whether or not to have a boiling water tap when we finally get round to having a new kitchen. For me there was several reasons why I believed  a boiling water tap would be right for us but to placate my husband I agreed to look into things in a little more depth

I’m sure I’m not the only person that pops the kettle on then goes off to do something else, gets completely side tracked so have to boil it again! Another bad habit I have is filling the kettle to the max line every time I use it. I’m usually on auto pilot in the kitchen so I don’t focus on what I’m boiling the kettle for or how much water I actually need! This drives my husband mad, as he is tight oops I mean a little frugal!

When friends and family pop round, it’s not until I notice them becoming a bit twitchy or in the case of the more straight talking friends blurting out “Am I going to get that drink from you or not?” that I realise I put the kettle on half an hour ago and haven’t stopped talking since, completely forgetting about making their drink! Such a bad hostess ☹

So for me having a boiling kettle is of definite interest and although I’m rather impulsive, in the interest of remaining married to my stingy (oops, there I go again!) careful husband I have made it my business to do some tedious useful research.


Kettle v Boiling Water Tap Initial Outlay

The initial outlay of a boiling water tap will cost you more than a top of the range kettle.

 Kettles  £25 – £200                                                                                      Boiling Taps £310 – £2000.00


Kettle v Boiling Water Tap Running Costs

If you fill the kettle with every use and boil it several times a day, you will be approx. 1.5p a day better off if you only boil the amount of a couple of cups, you will be a approximately a whopping .02p better off. If you’d like to work out comparisons yourself the average cost from a boiling tap is 1p per litre against a kettle at 1.66p per litre. However, there is also the cost of water and if you’re on a water metre and fill the kettle every use you could save another £100 per year on water rates


Kettle tap or not

Kettle v Boiling Water Tap Summary

I have chosen to have a boiling kettle tap in our showroom and the information gathered was helpful when looking from a business point of view. I chose a separate tap that is labelled clearly to avoid any confusion if used by visitors however the option of 3 in 1 is worth considering if space is an issue

Kettle tap
Showroom Boiling Water Tap

I will definitely have one at home when my husband can be bothered finds the time to make a start on our new kitchen and I must confess I made the choice for home before even looking at the financial implications. However, after boring pouring over the above comparison, my husband agreed that other than the initial outlay it certainly wouldn’t cost us any more than a using a kettle.  So marriage still in tact!

In the showroom we have a reasonably priced insinkerator and for me it’s been a godsend so when looking for one at home I am more than happy to have another insinkerator but I have to confess I’ve been rather drawn to this beautiful tap. The Zip Hydro tap not only dispenses boiling water and filtered cold but also sparkling. Yes you read that right sparkling water straight from the tap! This comes in at a whopping £3,399 Oooh now let me think ……..  sparkling water or husband, not an easy call but on this occasion the husband comes out on top. However if the tap were to dispense Prosecco, then taht would be another story!

5 types of water tap

Zip Hydrotap

Super Hero Snowdon Climb



I was hoping to join the absolutely inspirational Jim Smith on Thursday 28/09/17 as he commits to walk up Snowdon. Unfortunately I’m just not able to join Jim and his team! I am so disappointed at not being able to support him on his quest, so I thought the least I could do is share his story.

Jim was diagnosed with cancer and after braving treatment he showed signs of pulling through. Sadly, he recently updated us with news that his illness was back. He shared his story with such a positive and upbeat attitude that I was totally drawn in and so full of admiration. I was lucky to meet Jim on a professional level just a couple of times a few years before his diagnosis and his sunny nature was magnetic then and it hasn’t dwindled in the slightest, despite everything that has been thrown at him. His wonderful personality is as motivating as ever.

I’m also in awe of his lovely family & friends that are surroundinhg him with their love, strength & support.

This super hero and his fellow heroic team are not just having a little jaunt up Snowdon they are partaking a 6 peak challenge.

This in itself is rather admiral but it’s the circumstances that have led to this challenge alongside Jim’s personal challenge that so totally astounds me. I feel that Jim’s story should be heard and shared with as many people who will listen so please take a read and if anyone is visiting Snowdon on Thursday look out for him and give him your best wishes. Everyone else who like myself aren’t able to make it please donate. So here’s Jim’s story, please share, share and share to help give Jim & his team the warm Welsh welcome they so much deserve.



“24th February 2017, a truly gut wrenching day ……….

…….. I was told I had definitely relapsed for a second time, this was after completing and surviving 18 months of intense chemotherapy treatment and a stem cell transplant. The Doctors were clear that the prognosis following this 3rd episode of blood cancer was very bad news. During the consultation we were told I could no longer be cured and only be treated to ” buy me some time”. Unfortunately the cancer I am fighting presents itself in multiple ways including in my central nervous system/brain. This is an area of haematology that has little research and I have now exhausted the available treatments, unchartered territory for the Specialist Medical Team and ourselves.

However we scraped ourselves off the floor and both Nicola and I have regained our positivity and remain strong. We are doing our utmost to live life to the max, achieving and fulfilling goals on a weekly basis and living in the belief that many more will be added in the future. No matter how bad things appear we are keen to push on. We believe that when your mind is strong and you commit you can still achieve even when the odds are stacked against you.

To this end at the end of September I am undertaking my ‘2nd Biggest Challenge’, The 6 Peaks, to include the highest Mountain in each of the Home Nations. I came up with the concept of the 6 Peaks Challenge while undergoing my stem cell transplant in October 2016. Despite my current fluctuating state of health I am stubbornly determined to train and give it my very best shot.


Thank you in advance,

Jim and the 6 Peaks Team”












Feeling Drained about Worktop Drainage?

With our kitchens holding visual importance alongside practicality, the Stoneworkz team are always looking out for nifty solutions to help customers when faced with compromising decisions and dilemma’s. One thing that often pops up is “I don’t want want an ugly draining rack spoiling my lovely worktops”. With this in mind we’ve put together some guidance and ideas that we hope will be of use.

With most of us using dishwashers for the majority of the time, it’s always a good idea to consider what you’ll actually be using your sink for. This will help you choose the right sink and draining area for the job! If you use your sink mainly for washing the dreaded pans and oven trays then it’s important your sink will accommodate these bigger items.

If you are short of space and want to see as much of your lovely worktops as possible, then sacrificing a specific draining area is always a possibility. Also if you prefer the sleeker look of a sink without drainers, all is not lost.

Here are 5 nifty products that can be used alongside or instead of draining grooves:

Roll Out Draining Mat


These are great for using over part of your sink or at the side on the worktop. They can be rolled up and put away when not in use and also be used to protect your worktops from hot pans.

Available to purchase from Amazon at a snatch of £16.93



Self Draining Tray

self draining tray

An effective solution for no draining grooves and could be slipped into the cupboard when not in use. It has enough space for up to 4 place settings and comes in 2 colour options

Available to purchase at Joseph Joseph and at the moment an absolute bargain at £24.00


Rapid Dry Dish Mat

lakeland dish mat



This super absorbent dry mat is double-sided and holds up to four times its weight in water. Machine washable polyester.

Available to buy from Lakeland and a snip at just £10.99




Pebble Mat

pebble mat


This funky little mat is ideal for a small area it will protect your worktop and can also be used inside your sink to protect glasses and delicate cups from bashing the base of sink

Can be purchase from Amazon  for as little as £5.99

Multi Purpose Silicon Mat

silicon mat


This great little mat can be used for draining small items as well as a table mat for hot pans. Designed to maximise air circulation for fastest drying. Can be rolled up and stored away and dishwasher safe. What’s not to like?

Can be purchased from Amazon for a tiny sum of £10.99

Kitchen Memories


Last week a quote we posted on social media really resonated with me and took me back on a little nostalgic journey. 

I pondered on some of the conversations and events that have taken place in my kitchen over the years and I was surprised how so many immediately sprang to mind. So in honour of the hub of the home I thought I would share some of my meandering thoughts.

Most of the heated discussions I’ve had with my husband over the years have strangely occurred in the kitchen. Difficult conversations and honest input for some strange reason seems to flow easier when going about the daily routine in the kitchen! Maybe because the familiarity makes me feel safe and therefore braver when tackling issues! Or more likely because whilst pottering in the kitchen my brain is pondering on the latest issue, making sense of my thoughts and clarifying how I feel and where I stand. Once I’ve  cleared my tangle of emotions and established my feelings I then can’t help but to address things there and then. So the poor hubby has many a time stood wide eyed like a rabbit in the headlights when all of a sudden I’m standing hand on hip passionately waving a spoon or even worse a bread knife at him whilst determinedly spouting my stance on whichever issue I’ve decided to tackle!


I must also point out there has also been many sweet moments too. Making up again with sneaky smooches and heart warming hugs . Why do hugs feel that much more solid when standing in the kitchen surrounded by dishes and veg peelings! Also can’t quite work out what it is with men, that they can’t walk past when you’re elbow deep in washing up suds or baking flour without a landing quick slap to the bottom. My husband cannot walk through the kitchen without landing one on me! and I remember my Dad many times doing this to Mum. Although at the time it made me cringe I now remember those moments fondly. Recently I had to laugh when I was on the receiving end of this from no other than my youngest son!

The kitchen is where I’ve spent many hours with my daughter. Before she selfishly left me to set up home with her then fiancé (now husband), we spent many evenings cooking tea together whilst either ranting about our work day and colleagues, putting the worlds to rights, or having deep heart to heart mum and daughter talks. I do miss having my daughter at home and it’s always our chats in the kitchen that I picture when I’m wishing her back home.

My youngest however, hates doing kitchen chores so if he suspects there is any work to be done in there he’ll avoid the area like the plague! He does love eating though so unfortunately for him he can’t stay away for long! In order to feed his habit we often bake together (well I bake and he chooses what to bake and licks out the bowl) I just love our random chats and casual talks about anything from what to watch on TV together or “do aliens and god really exist?” As a mother who’s daily question of “anything good happen at school today?” Gets nothing more than “I can’t remember” these moments are like treasured gold.


When my middle child (a loving, but lazy boy) was about 14 I decided he needed to learn to cook some basic meals and informed him that once a week it would be up to him to make tea! Our first attempt was sausage and mash, what could go wrong with me right by his side along the way! Well you have never seen such weirdly shaped potatoes, what started off as a 5 pound bag resulted in less than a pound of pea sized spuds after peeling. I could not help laughing out loud as he hacked at the potatoes saying “he’d never be grateful of knowing how to peel potatoes in his life ever!” in response to my encouragement that he would thank me one day for knowing how to fend for himself. And just for the record you should see that boy peel like a pro now!

I’ve had many a breakdown in the kitchen over the years but also many laughs hugs and a fair bit of dancing (when no one is looking!) so yes I wholeheartedly agree with Piero Lissoni. Looking back at my family memories I really have a renewed gratitude for this working room that has bared witness to such a huge range of emotions over the years. From hereon in I will try my very best to refrain from moaning about the many hours I spend in the kitchen, I now realise that it is the heart and hub of the home precisely because of the length of time I spend there and long may this last! (With a few cheeky take away’s  thrown in here and there just for the odd break of cooking!)

Ex Display Worktops For Sale


Black Mirror Chip Quartz Worktop, North Wales

20mm Black Mirror Chip (3000 x 1198 w/ cut-outs for sink & hob)
£300.00 o.n.o
Sink & units also available p.o.a
Cutting & fitting service available p.o.a
01745 797007 |

River Gold Granite Island, North Wales

30mm River Gold Granite Island Worktop (2287 x 1238)
£300.00 o.n.o
Units also available p.o.a
Cutting & fitting service available p.o.a
01745 797007 |

How Are Quartz Worktops Made?


Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops have grown rapidly in popularity over the last decade. They offer all the benefits of a natural stone but with the added practical benefits of manmade enhancements. Stylishness, brilliance, durability and low maintenance are just a few of the reasons to consider quartz for the kitchen, bathroom or any other application.

Before it is made into a worktop, quartz itself is a mineral. In fact, it is one of the most common minerals on Earth. Pure quartz is clear or transparent, but quartz in general comes in a variety of colours, depending on what else is in Mother Nature’s mix and from surrounding elements.

Quartz Crystals

Quartz is found in many shapes and sizes and is usually mined from veins. It can be mined in small, globular-type masses deep beneath the surface, or as sharp crystals that look like salt, anywhere from dusty granules of salt to larger pieces, much like rock salt, from the surface. As quartz is very hard, it does not erode – this means that large rocks containing quartz may be eroded over time by wind and water, leaving behind the crystals.

Other than use as a gemstone, quartz alone isn’t much of a building material. It must be bonded with something to make it into a useable structure, such as a worktop. Typically, resins and binders are utilized for this purpose. Manufacturers also usually add other natural stone products like granite pieces, pigments, recycled mirror, or coloured glass to enhance the material’s pigment and appearance. Sometimes antibacterial chemicals are even added, to make the stone even more adept for applications like kitchen worktops or bathroom tiles.

These raw materials are fed into mixers and blended together. Mixers play an important role, and multiple mixers may even be used, depending on the number of colours introduced. This mixture is then poured into a mould to create the shape and sizes we expect in a worktop. These slabs will be pressed to form 2cm or 3cm thickness with the help of a vacuum and vibration process. Aside from creating the worktop dimensions desired, this step presses air pockets from the material. Lastly, the slabs are baked in the oven at very high temperatures.

Quartz Minerals

Once manmade materials have been bonded with nature’s quartz under pressure and heat, the result is a very hard, strong and durable material that is very low in porosity (quartz is usually described as non-porous) so that moisture, bacteria and soil have no place to settle. After the slabs are baked, the final step is to polish them to a glossy shine. The resulting product is beautiful in appearance and may be cut without difficulty as well, making it an easy material for installation. It requires no sealing or polishing to keep its brilliant shine. Quartz is truly an excellent marriage between nature and manufacturing!

If you’re interested in quartz worktops Contact Us or visit our Quartz page.

Quartz Crystals