Kitchen Memories


Last week a quote we posted on social media really resonated with me and took me back on a little nostalgic journey. 

I pondered on some of the conversations and events that have taken place in my kitchen over the years and I was surprised how so many immediately sprang to mind. So in honour of the hub of the home I thought I would share some of my meandering thoughts.

Most of the heated discussions I’ve had with my husband over the years have strangely occurred in the kitchen. Difficult conversations and honest input for some strange reason seems to flow easier when going about the daily routine in the kitchen! Maybe because the familiarity makes me feel safe and therefore braver when tackling issues! Or more likely because whilst pottering in the kitchen my brain is pondering on the latest issue, making sense of my thoughts and clarifying how I feel and where I stand. Once I’ve  cleared my tangle of emotions and established my feelings I then can’t help but to address things there and then. So the poor hubby has many a time stood wide eyed like a rabbit in the headlights when all of a sudden I’m standing hand on hip passionately waving a spoon or even worse a bread knife at him whilst determinedly spouting my stance on whichever issue I’ve decided to tackle!


I must also point out there has also been many sweet moments too. Making up again with sneaky smooches and heart warming hugs . Why do hugs feel that much more solid when standing in the kitchen surrounded by dishes and veg peelings! Also can’t quite work out what it is with men, that they can’t walk past when you’re elbow deep in washing up suds or baking flour without a landing quick slap to the bottom. My husband cannot walk through the kitchen without landing one on me! and I remember my Dad many times doing this to Mum. Although at the time it made me cringe I now remember those moments fondly. Recently I had to laugh when I was on the receiving end of this from no other than my youngest son!

The kitchen is where I’ve spent many hours with my daughter. Before she selfishly left me to set up home with her then fiancé (now husband), we spent many evenings cooking tea together whilst either ranting about our work day and colleagues, putting the worlds to rights, or having deep heart to heart mum and daughter talks. I do miss having my daughter at home and it’s always our chats in the kitchen that I picture when I’m wishing her back home.

My youngest however, hates doing kitchen chores so if he suspects there is any work to be done in there he’ll avoid the area like the plague! He does love eating though so unfortunately for him he can’t stay away for long! In order to feed his habit we often bake together (well I bake and he chooses what to bake and licks out the bowl) I just love our random chats and casual talks about anything from what to watch on TV together or “do aliens and god really exist?” As a mother who’s daily question of “anything good happen at school today?” Gets nothing more than “I can’t remember” these moments are like treasured gold.


When my middle child (a loving, but lazy boy) was about 14 I decided he needed to learn to cook some basic meals and informed him that once a week it would be up to him to make tea! Our first attempt was sausage and mash, what could go wrong with me right by his side along the way! Well you have never seen such weirdly shaped potatoes, what started off as a 5 pound bag resulted in less than a pound of pea sized spuds after peeling. I could not help laughing out loud as he hacked at the potatoes saying “he’d never be grateful of knowing how to peel potatoes in his life ever!” in response to my encouragement that he would thank me one day for knowing how to fend for himself. And just for the record you should see that boy peel like a pro now!

I’ve had many a breakdown in the kitchen over the years but also many laughs hugs and a fair bit of dancing (when no one is looking!) so yes I wholeheartedly agree with Piero Lissoni. Looking back at my family memories I really have a renewed gratitude for this working room that has bared witness to such a huge range of emotions over the years. From hereon in I will try my very best to refrain from moaning about the many hours I spend in the kitchen, I now realise that it is the heart and hub of the home precisely because of the length of time I spend there and long may this last! (With a few cheeky take away’s  thrown in here and there just for the odd break of cooking!)