White Mirror Quartz


White Mirror Quartz 00019

Material: Quartz

Colour: White

Finish: Polished

Ideal for: Floor, Wall, Kitchen, Bathroom

These engineered white quartz tiles, made with 97% quartz, provide a standout appearance and highly durable covering in bathrooms and kitchens. Containing more mirror fleck per m2 than any other tile on the market, these sparkly quartz wall and floor tiles are a great option for contemporary layouts. Light bounces off Diamond White Quartz flooring to produce a glittery appearance. You can also make walls glisten by choosing these white sparkle tiles which are available in a range of sizes.

White quartz certainly has the substance to match its bling. This tile is notable for having an incredibly low moisture absorption rate making it easy to clean and maintain. As a result of the manufacturing process which involves fusing crushed resin with quartz, this tile is among the hardest wearing and most durable options for high traffic areas. These tiles are therefore perfect for busy public spaces, including the expansive interiors of airports and shopping centres.

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White Mirror Quartz
White Mirror Quartz