Super Hero Snowdon Climb



I was hoping to join the absolutely inspirational Jim Smith on Thursday 28/09/17 as he commits to walk up Snowdon. Unfortunately I’m just not able to join Jim and his team! I am so disappointed at not being able to support him on his quest, so I thought the least I could do is share his story.

Jim was diagnosed with cancer and after braving treatment he showed signs of pulling through. Sadly, he recently updated us with news that his illness was back. He shared his story with such a positive and upbeat attitude that I was totally drawn in and so full of admiration. I was lucky to meet Jim on a professional level just a couple of times a few years before his diagnosis and his sunny nature was magnetic then and it hasn’t dwindled in the slightest, despite everything that has been thrown at him. His wonderful personality is as motivating as ever.

I’m also in awe of his lovely family & friends that are surroundinhg him with their love, strength & support.

This super hero and his fellow heroic team are not just having a little jaunt up Snowdon they are partaking a 6 peak challenge.

This in itself is rather admiral but it’s the circumstances that have led to this challenge alongside Jim’s personal challenge that so totally astounds me. I feel that Jim’s story should be heard and shared with as many people who will listen so please take a read and if anyone is visiting Snowdon on Thursday look out for him and give him your best wishes. Everyone else who like myself aren’t able to make it please donate. So here’s Jim’s story, please share, share and share to help give Jim & his team the warm Welsh welcome they so much deserve.



“24th February 2017, a truly gut wrenching day ……….

…….. I was told I had definitely relapsed for a second time, this was after completing and surviving 18 months of intense chemotherapy treatment and a stem cell transplant. The Doctors were clear that the prognosis following this 3rd episode of blood cancer was very bad news. During the consultation we were told I could no longer be cured and only be treated to ” buy me some time”. Unfortunately the cancer I am fighting presents itself in multiple ways including in my central nervous system/brain. This is an area of haematology that has little research and I have now exhausted the available treatments, unchartered territory for the Specialist Medical Team and ourselves.

However we scraped ourselves off the floor and both Nicola and I have regained our positivity and remain strong. We are doing our utmost to live life to the max, achieving and fulfilling goals on a weekly basis and living in the belief that many more will be added in the future. No matter how bad things appear we are keen to push on. We believe that when your mind is strong and you commit you can still achieve even when the odds are stacked against you.

To this end at the end of September I am undertaking my ‘2nd Biggest Challenge’, The 6 Peaks, to include the highest Mountain in each of the Home Nations. I came up with the concept of the 6 Peaks Challenge while undergoing my stem cell transplant in October 2016. Despite my current fluctuating state of health I am stubbornly determined to train and give it my very best shot.


Thank you in advance,

Jim and the 6 Peaks Team”