Feeling Drained about Worktop Drainage?

With our kitchens holding visual importance alongside practicality, the Stoneworkz team are always looking out for nifty solutions to help customers when faced with compromising decisions and dilemma’s. One thing that often pops up is “I don’t want want an ugly draining rack spoiling my lovely worktops”. With this in mind we’ve put together some guidance and ideas that we hope will be of use.

With most of us using dishwashers for the majority of the time, it’s always a good idea to consider what you’ll actually be using your sink for. This will help you choose the right sink and draining area for the job! If you use your sink mainly for washing the dreaded pans and oven trays then it’s important your sink will accommodate these bigger items.

If you are short of space and want to see as much of your lovely worktops as possible, then sacrificing a specific draining area is always a possibility. Also if you prefer the sleeker look of a sink without drainers, all is not lost.

Here are 5 nifty products that can be used alongside or instead of draining grooves:

Roll Out Draining Mat


These are great for using over part of your sink or at the side on the worktop. They can be rolled up and put away when not in use and also be used to protect your worktops from hot pans.

Available to purchase from Amazon at a snatch of £16.93



Self Draining Tray

self draining tray

An effective solution for no draining grooves and could be slipped into the cupboard when not in use. It has enough space for up to 4 place settings and comes in 2 colour options

Available to purchase at Joseph Joseph and at the moment an absolute bargain at £24.00


Rapid Dry Dish Mat

lakeland dish mat



This super absorbent dry mat is double-sided and holds up to four times its weight in water. Machine washable polyester.

Available to buy from Lakeland and a snip at just £10.99




Pebble Mat

pebble mat


This funky little mat is ideal for a small area it will protect your worktop and can also be used inside your sink to protect glasses and delicate cups from bashing the base of sink

Can be purchase from Amazon  for as little as £5.99

Multi Purpose Silicon Mat

silicon mat


This great little mat can be used for draining small items as well as a table mat for hot pans. Designed to maximise air circulation for fastest drying. Can be rolled up and stored away and dishwasher safe. What’s not to like?

Can be purchased from Amazon for a tiny sum of £10.99